Next Steps to Develop New Sector Representation Model

Media Release

22 December 2021

The Australian Aged Care Collaboration (AACC) and the Aged Care Reform Network (ACRN) have received a report from KPMG on a Model for Representation for the Aged Care Sector.

KPMG has recommended a new entity be established to represent the sector and lead its development. It has proposed that the purpose of this new entity would be to:

Enhance the well-being of older Australians through a vibrant, trusted and sustainable aged services sector.

The KPMG report outlines a series of principles which it believes should characterise the new entity and it recommends a series of transition steps to move from the current structures into the new sector representation model.

The Steering Committee overseeing the sector representation and development project has recommended to AACC and ACRN that the KPMG model be adopted and built on as the basis for establishment of the new entity.

Consistent with the decisions of the ACSA and LASA Boards announced on 9 December, AACC and ACRN will be joining together with ACSA and LASA to develop an inclusive sector transformation process. ACSA and LASA are implementing a transition process with a view to member votes in March 2022 or shortly thereafter.

The Steering Committee will be holding a final meeting at the end of January 2022, at which point the parties intend to confirm the transformation structures to operate during 2022.

Following that, AACC and ACRN will release further details of the model proposed by KPMG for input from member organisations.