Aged Care Scorecard: Peaks Call for Urgent Action

Media Release
13 May 2022

A new scorecard released today by the Australian Aged Care Collaboration (AACC) shows there is much more work yet to be done by the major parties on delivering the crucial reforms recommended by the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality & Safety.

Aged care is at the top of voters’ minds as the election campaign enters its final week

Recent surveys from the Australian National University and the ABC’s Vote Compass have confirmed that aged care ranks as a top issue of concern for Australians as they consider their vote.

None of the parties are effectively tackling the sector’s urgent funding and workforce gaps in the short-term. There are also no comprehensive commitments on allied health for aged care. Addressing these issues are fundamental to improving the quality of care.

Labor and The Greens have said they would fund a wage increase for workers and further increases in care minutes and nursing coverage, the Government has stated that it also supports these policies, but has avoided making a clear funding commitment.

The AACC will continue to push for a supplement for wages, training, and nursing costs. We are also calling on the Government to fully fund a minimum wage increase for aged care workers.

Australians have made it clear – they expect quality aged care for everyone who needs it and they see this as a priority for any incoming Government

The AACC is calling on the next federal government to act on aged care reform in its first 100 days.

It’s time to ensure that older Australians get the care they need and deserve, once and for all.

AACC’s Who cares about aged care this election? scorecard available here:

Authorised by Claerwen Little, Australian Aged Care Collaboration, Sydney